What’s going on with OrbitFront?


We haven’t updated you on OrbitFront in quite some time. I’m sorry. The fact is, the current iteration of the site that has been built over years is utter shit. It’s incredibly resource intensive, prone to crashing our servers, and can take a full minute to load, even with no one but the admins using it.  But we haven’t given up.

We’ve got some refreshing new ideas, and someone with real power backing us. We need to start over. Our current ideas are a little more ambitious than the ones we have previously shared, but I think we can make them happen. The OrbitFront branding will not be present in the final release, as the concept of a revolutionary storefront no longer really applies to it. Vince Paddon is back in the team after leaving when we closed the site that once occupied this very domain name in 2011. Our concept is still a site about  opinions, but we can’t say much more than that. We’ll keep you posted.


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