Trance is a classic example of Danny Boyle fucking with your mind. It follows an art auctioneer cooperating with his drug dealer to steal a painting. Only he can’t remember where he put the painting after stealing it. So the team joins with a hypnotherapist to find it in his mind. By the end of the movie you know the film is about a lot more than that, with the last 5 minutes revealing the entire story.

The cinematography techniques remind me of Trainspotting, but the story is a mystery rather than a fictional biopic. The acting is superb, and the story is ever intriguing. It’s the kind of film that’s mind-blowing the first time you watch it, but you still want to watch it again. I never found it confusing but I did see how you could get lost if you took a bathroom break. It leaves you speechless, and unable to determine who the protagonist is. Watch the trailer. For me, this is a must see.



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