Mitchell and Webb

David Mitchell and Robert Webb are British comedians with hit shows such as That Mitchell and Webb Look/Situation and Peep Show. They were the British “Get a Mac” duo. Peep Show is unique for sitcoms due to how it’s shot. A large percentage of the show is POV through one of the main characters. While in POV you hear their thoughts in a voice over. You don’t realize how messed up thoughts can be until you watch this show. Mitchell and Webb is a more traditional variety sketch show, with various returning sketches.

Mitchell and Webb brings the ridiculousness out in various things we see in the media.

Peep Show follows the lives of Robert and David as roommates and unsuccessful people in life.


At one point Super Hans, the heroin addict friend, suggests they get a van so they can be men with ven. I can’t help but think back to the utilitarian awesomeness of my dad’s old Chevy van he gave to a car donation Seattle program about 10 years ago.

Anyway, I highly reconmend watching Mitchell and Webb’s programs, as all of them are on YouTube.

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