Is piracy moral?

The MPAA believes piracy costs the film industry billions of dollars every year. If you think hard enough, you’ll realize this is bullshit. Pirated copies ≠ lost sales. In the majority of cases, the option for people is either pirating it or not watching it at all. I think of pirates as in two groups. The people that would never purchase the content due to lack of money, and the people who choose to pirate because the experience is better. In an ideal world the former would be 100% of pirate’s. That would me $0 in lost sales. But we don’t live in that world. In many cases, it’s easier and faster to torrent a movie than to buy it. Not to mention you get a file with no DRM so you can easily put it on any device with no restrictions. I consider this fact a failure of the industry. People have determined the price isn’t worth the item. And I think it’s too late to fix this problem. People will forever continue to torrent even if they removed DRM and made it faster and easier to buy. The reason? People gave up on buying digital content long ago. So I don’t personally feel piracy is moral. But I don’t believe paying is usually moral either, as it just helps the people that lock down the artists. Especially considering stealing music and movies no longer takes anything away from anybody. Previously, if you stole a CD no one else would be able to buy that CD to benefit the store and label. Now piracy is simply sharing digital files. We need to move to more true independent content with Kickstarter and online sales. There is no need for the industry leaders in this industry. 


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