good life

Practically, a “good” life takes in a wide range of emotions and experiences, improves the lives of others, and minimizes inadequacy, or “missing out”, resulting in genuine confidence and self-acceptance. I don’t believe that a “good” life is necessarily a happy life. A fantasy life is the impossible ideal that everyone has the purpose of achieving, getting hits of happiness to keep you going on the endless path towards constant contentment wrapped up in some cultural goal, whether it be married life in a suburban home, or as the kingpin of an ever more powerful cartel, like Pablo Escobar and politicians. These hits of happiness along the way build the significance of the experience, even though they don’t drastically change your mental outlook. Truly content happiness is impossible, and death is inevitable, so the only real fruition is the misery.

This misery is fulfillment of your humanity. It’s the realest, strongest thing in the universe.  We feel consciously is centered around lost potential, things unsaid to passed loved ones and relationships that weren’t, but the misery’s strength is created by the potential you lived up to – those hits of joy from what was said, and the dates that were had.  Take a breath, and recognize that it’s the result of something viscerally meaning something to you, a concept much of the universe can’t achieve.

Our capitalist system requires you devote a large portion of your life to largely unnecessary work. If you have the privilege to, make this work as bearable as possible, ideally not completely counter to your ideals. If you have the privilege to quit a job you truly despise, do it. Do what you can to support labor, with the goal that one day humanity won’t be brought to desperation, mass exploited, and kept from work bearability. Embrace every chance you can for excitement, while spending your downtime aware that permanent fulfillment doesn’t actually come from having experienced certain sensations and emotions.

Recognize the future suffering a decision could cause you or someone else, and avoid oppressing others. Be aware of what others around you are facing, and consider what you can do or stop doing to improve their situations. That might include allowing them space, for solitude, or to express themselves. Ignore ludicrous financial growth (“success”) as a path to happiness. Continue reading, writing, eating, arting, relationshipping, and everything else we’re told will put us in a content place of enlightenment. All of these ward off boredom, and improve your current mood. If you need a destination to keep you en route, allow yourself the illusion. If the extreme emotion of pain at the end is enough of a destination, fly with that. If not, just feel the lightness of being in a meaningless world, while remembering to not be a terrible person.

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