Car of the Future

The auto industry has added features over the years, become more reliable and safer, but has remained in essence the same. But not for long. Tesla Motors seems to be leading the way to the future. The American electric car company lead by Elon Musk, real life Tony Stark, has created a sort of a revolution. It’s been a year now since the company started shipping their flagship vehicle, the Model S, and in that time it’s won basically every automotive award, was determined to be the best car ever tested by Consumer Reports, and has made Tesla the most popular luxury car maker in the world. They also paid back their US government recession loan, and became profitable. So Tesla is kicking ass. But they haven’t changed the world yet.

A Model S can get you up and down the coasts for free, but that still isn’t enough for many consumers. What will be is metal-air technology. Basically, you’ll have a regular lithium ion battery that goes around 300 miles a day. After you go through that, you have a metal air battery pack that weighs just 50 pounds and uses only metal plates and water. Every 200 miles you fill it up with some more water, and after 1000 you’ve depleted the metal. An Israeli startup has a working prototype car using this technology, and Tesla has a patent on it. The idea of battery swapping gets a little difficult when you don’t go back to get your original battery pack. You could get one with less or more life left. It also requires you to plan ahead in terms of routes to be along Tesla stations. Metal-air will give you more freedom than gas. You’ll probably only use it a couple times a year, but for the comfort it’s worth it. Right now the sensors in a Google self driving car cost more than many of the most expensive cars. But within 10 years, those costs should come down. Now you’ve got a safer, cleaner car.



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