Abortion is an incredibly simple debate. Can we stop bringing it up?

The true issue with abortion, whether you would personally (hypothetically) get one or not, is a human rights one. If you’re dying and my kidney would save you, I have every right to not give you my kidney, even though my second kidney barely affects me, and you’re a thinking, unique individual with a circle of people that care about you. It’s called the right to bodily integrity/ personal autonomy, and it’s an important right. It’s the reason someone can’t justify rape with utilitarianism by arguing their desire for sex is more important than another human’s desire to not have sex with them. I don’t personally believe a few cells with no thought, unique experience or insight, etc. have any more moral importance than any other random set of a few cells, like the sperm we certainly don’t cherish – I value a cherry tree more than the pit in each cherry, but even if you differ, which is certainly your right, that doesn’t change bodily integrity rights. As it is in hetero sex, males have all the power (whether or not to use a good condom, pull out) and females have all the responsibility (thinking about birth control beforehand, the entire fucking 9 month pregnancy if she’s in the 1% failure rate). Abortion isn’t an ideal experience, but taking it away is a step backward, increasing that dynamic. Additionally, restricting abortion disproportionally effects the poor – those that can’t really afford to raise that kid. Middle and upper class folks could easily drive to a freer state or fly to a freer country, like wealthy Polish and Irish women currently do. The poor are stuck with a huge financial burden. Many economists believe that Roe v Wade resulted in the massive crime dip that happened about 15 years after the ruling. Abortion and birth control access solves crime, unlike mass incarceration.

As the majority of Americans support abortion access (though this kind of right should not be a democratic process), Republicans have come up with a new trick: finding alternate ethical grounds to argue on. Planned Parenthood allows patients to donate fetal tissue to scientific research. Thanks to fetal tissue containing adaptable stem cells, this process has lead to huge advancements in medicine, including the polio vaccine. The institution that receives the tissue is on the hook for its transportation. Videos describing this process have become the talking point of GOP candidates, attempting to reinvigorate passion in pro-lifers with the sensationalist claim that Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts to the highest bidder.

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